Short attention span or lack of interest?

With the second week of the NFL playoffs rolling around and the Bucs no longer in the Super Bowl hunt I have found my attention drifting to college basketball. I try to get excited about this weekend's matchups by checking out different blog previews, but then I turn on NC State vs. Georgia Tech and instantly lose interest in football. I will probably feel differently later today when the 'Skins face off against the Seahawks but until then give me more college basketball.

As a side note, for a good college basketball blog check out Yoco Hoops.

Finally thanks to Mike E. for pointing out
this Slate column on the Buc's game last week. The column is written by a 'Skins fan who chronicles how most fans must feel during the season.

During football season, my consumption of sports media is dictated in large part by the performance of the Redskins. A tough loss will chase me away from the sports pages for an entire week. After a big win, my need for Redskins reportage is insatiable. Daily newspapers, a handful of blogs, the Redskins home page, ESPN, Sports Illustrated—it's still not enough.

Anyone else rooting for the 'Skins to lose?

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