The Many Personalities of Clinton Portis: Coach Janky Spanky

All week long, in anticipation of the Buc's playoff game against the Redskins, I will be sharing some of the many twisted personalities of 'Skins runningback Clinton Portis. For those just tuning in, over the last eight weeks of the season Portis has disguised himself as a different character. Surprisingly, the local media has had little difficulty finding Portis each time.

I'll keep this short and sweet because this blog is quickly turning into all Clinton Portis, all the time. This clip from earlier today features Coach Janky Spanky, the defensive coordinator the 'Skins should have hired. The best thing about this clip, is watching Portis, disguised as Coach Janky Spanky, answer questions on how he would stop Portis.

Oh yeah, and if Portis was the head coach the 'Skins would practice in their underwear.

(hat tip to Deaspin)

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