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Braves and Birds does a better job than my own feeble attempt of breaking down the Falcon's woes. B 'n B ascribes the Falcon's problems to Vick, the coaching and a young defense but mainly notes that this Falcons team is not much different from last season's team.

To me, the message from this season is simply that the team's 11-5 record and trip to the NFC Title Game in 2004 was a fluke, the result of the team winning a number of close games (6-1 in games decided by four points or less) and benefiting from the NFC being extremely weak. Really, was it that big of an accomplishment to beat the 8-8 Rams to make it to the Title Game? Did the Falcons really look like they belonged on the same field as Philadelphia in that Title Game?

B 'n B points out that unless the Falcons bring in a new offensive system Vick will continue to underperform, and the Falcon's best chance for the future is to hope the young defensive talent matures into a top ten defense for Atlanta. Except for Vick's first season, when he was still a novelty, most teams have figured out how to defend the alleged Superman.


MG said...

Forget the Falcons - they had a terrible season and weren't playing for anything in the last week - how about the Redskins?

I have a feeling they will continue the run at least as far as the divisional stage as the Buccs still seem too inconsistent to come through when the pressure is on.

If I'm wrong it's because I didn't see them in the last month of the season but Simms looks like someone who will go to pieces when he faces that pass rush.


david said...

Please, where are all these Redskins fans coming from? For real.

They're NOT that good of a team. They're certainly not world-beaters.

Sorry for highjacking this thread, I just can't believe these 'Skins fans ...

Ski said...

mg if you watched the last game you would realize how wrong that you are. skins blitzed the hell out of simms and he beat them deep every time.