The Many Personalities of Clinton Portis: Dollah Bill

All week long, in anticipation of the Buc's playoff game against the Redskins, I will be sharing some of the many twisted personalities of 'Skins runningback Clinton Portis. For those just tuning in, over the last eight weeks of the season Portis has disguised himself as a different character. Surprisingly, the local media has had little difficulty finding Portis each time.

Here's the odd thing about Portis's misguided quest for attention, he's been joking around when his team has been losing. Coming off losses to the Giants and Bucs, the 'Skins are about to lose again to the Raiders. Of course, Portis may not be serious, but Dollah Bill sure is.

"Warren Sapp is a hungry man, but coming around messing with Dollah Bill, he will get dealt with," Portis said, in character, of course. "I don't mean no harm, but me and Warren Sapp were money-making friends. ... But today, we're not friends. Next week, we won't be friends. If you don't mind telling him that those 12 tickets he called me about? I can't get them for him. So, Dollah Bill is serious."

I would have paid all the money in my wallet (about 3 dollars, all in Sackajewa coins) to see Sapp's reaction after he saw Portis's response. Was it anger, emberassment or confusion? I'm guessing a mix of all three with a little bit of hunger mixed in.

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