Tampa Bay Tarpons

I might be infringing on DRays Bay territory here, but the St. Pete Times ran a story about a possible name change for the MLB team. As David at DRays Bay has noted the team has undergone a good deal of management changes in the past couple of months, and part of this renovation of the franchise could be a name change.

At the least, it seems likely the word "Devil" will be dropped, as it already is in some official team references. Then a decision has to be made whether to continue associating Rays with the sea creatures or to connect with the sun. Or there could be a new name, such as the Tampa Bay Tarpons.

I still say they change their name to Yankees 'cause people only come out to games when the Yankees are in town, but any other suggestions for a new name?

(hat tip to Sports Frog and Breakaway Beach)


Scott said...

The St. Pete Matlocks. Offer shuttles between the retirement homes and the dome and work with those homes to directly deduct ticket prices from Social Security checks.

gnorb said...

Tampa Bay Tampons? *eek* That's what I read...

Seriously though, how about keeping the name the same? I mean, the name and colors are just fine. If they can stop sucking, everyone will forget the whole "name" controversy.

That said, how about one of the following:

1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (eh, why not?)
2) Tampa Bay Jesus Rays
3) Tampa Bay Devil Rays of Saint Petersberg
4) Tampa Bay iRays
5) Tampa Bay Flashers. (Mascot: Mamma Guava)
6) Tampa Bay Punishers (Now owned by John Travolta)
7) Tampa Bay 0wn3d
8) Tampa Bay 2001 Mons Redners
9) Tampa Bay Marlins (Why not, they're probably leaving Miami Anyway)
10) Tampa Bay Hurricanes (Yeah, as if Tampa's ever seen one of those)
11) Tampa Bay Thunder
12) Tampa Bay Manatees
13) Tampa Bay Catfish (Ever been fishing in Tampa Bay?)
14) Tampa Bay Dianetics
15) Tampa Bay Southern Yankees
16) Tampa Bay Roughriders

Or, just in case they KEEP sucking...

17) Tampa Bay Black Hole


18) Tampa Bay Triangles (As in Tampa & Bermuda Triangles, both of which touch FL)

These are just a few options. Thoughts?

Scott said...

> 14) Tampa Bay Dianetics

You win.

John F. said...

Tampa Bay Thunder...

There is a STORM brewing in Tampa and where there is LIGHTNING there is THUNDER.

Ski said...

I'm kinda partial to the Tampa Bay Flashers (just think every Thursday game at the Trop could be Gasparilla day, women get in free). Good list though GNorb.

One of the better serious names I've heard is White Caps for the waves crashing on the local beaches, which I think would be a cool name (almost as good as the Tampa Bay Tampons).

and John, it's always about the Lighting with you isn't it?

gnorb said...

Scott: I think I'd be in someone's hitlist if that one really went through.

Ski/Scott: Thanks for the comments on the names. Honestly, I'm with John on this one: Tampa Bay Thunder matches well enough with the whole "Thunder Storm/Lightning Strike capital of the world" thing Tampa has going for it. (That and I like the idea of stepping out of the job/animal/myth team name thing. Natural phenomena doesn't get represented nearly enough.)

Honestly, I always wondered who originally came up with the whole "Devil Rays" name. (Though the original colors were cool, all 16 of them.) I'd like to buy him a drink. Or beat him with a crowbar, I still haven't decided which.

White Caps? That just sounds nasty. How about Tampa Bay Whiteys, and their minor league team from Naples, the Tampa Bay Migrant Workers? Given the population of MLB and Tampa, that second one might be closer to the truth than I'd like to admit.

John F. said...

Ski -- not really. I've wanted this name for a baseball team since before the Lightning's first season / inception.

White Caps is too docile a name, that's like "Tropics" or "Flamingos" as the team name... Not as bad though. Still, it just seems a little too long like Devil Rays.

You know the Mets are trying to move their Triple A team from Norfolk to Long Island. I don't know if they would be taking their name with them -- the Tides. I could live with that.

John F. said...

gnorb -- "Who came up with the Devil Rasy thing" --

Well, I believe the original intent of Naimoli and Co was to name the team teh Sting Rays.... But there were problems getting the rights to use the name because of a minor league team in Hawaii. The fallback names were the Devil Rays or Manta Rays... With the original detestment of Devil Rays, people were offered the chance to rename the team Manta Rays but that sounded even worse...

But the most galvinizing thing against the name "Devil Rays" that I can remember is Naimoli explaining the creature to the public. It wasn't the fact that Devil Rays aren't often found in teh Gulf of Mexico... It was the fact they were described as Bottom Feeders... That is NOT a noble quality about the beast to help underline why the team is named "Devil Rays."

Ski said...

i'm not hating on thunder, it's a good name and makes sense.

and since, no one seems to appreciate white caps as much as i do, i think for baseball it's a good name (think white sox or reds). it wouldn't work for any other sport though.

now excuse me, scrubs is back on

gnorb said...

john: "It was the fact they were described as Bottom Feeders..."

You got that right... :-( On the bright side, one day, when they eventually become good and even maybe win the World Series, we can say "Go [Insert Team Name]!" and be proud that we were there from the beginning.

Ski, as for "White Caps", I guess that it's not THAT bad, if you think about it in a "White Sox, Reds, Athletics" sort of way. I mean it's better than calling them "The jock straps." I guess the dilema here is the same as the dilema one has when trying to pick a kid's name. You wanna pick something that's not easily made fun of, like "Fart" Bart, Bonnie "Mc Butter", or White Craps (what is that, like bird poop or something?)

And as for "thunder", they could be sponsored by Outback Stakehouse and be called "The Tampa Bay Thunder from Down Under".

Just a thought.

John F. said...

But you can make fun of the Thunder by callign them the Blunder. :)

...just saying ;)

Anonymous said...

anyone that likes the idea of "white caps" should just go ahead and move out of town NOW .... that is the dumbest name I've ever heard --- sad thing is that someone else suggested this in the paper years ago in reference to the waves crashing (which we barely have any to begin with!) and as a double meaning towards the old people in this area referencing their grey hair ...
yeah ... that's a real great name!

if the Marlins leave Florida (please do!), the Tampa team would be smart to call themselves the Tarpons ... maybe even expand the new Rays tank in the outfield a little bit to house some "silver king"

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