The Run Down: Bruce Allen edition

The offseason officially began for most teams two weeks ago, but the offseason hits home today with the news that Monte Kiffin has been offered an interview for the Rams head coaching position. While Buc's GM Bruce Allen seems convinced Kiffin will stick around Tampa Bay, he can not be so confident about some of Buc's other personnel. Here's a quick run down of some of the other players and coaches who might leave Tampa Bay this offseason.

Chris Simms: Starting with arguably the most important resigning, Simms will be a restricted free agent which means the Bucs can match any offers by other NFL teams. Allen is currently negotiating with Simms' agent for a new contact.

Simeon Rice: Allen has said that he will attempt to renogiate contracts with the fifteen highest paid players, and if he can not renegotiate the Bucs will cut said player. Rice is due to be paid $9 M next season which makes him the second highest paid player next season. Before the season the Bucs attempted to restructure Rice's contract and he refused. If Rice does the same thing he will be traded or cut loose.

Derrick Brooks: Brooks will be the highest paid player next season ($11.6 M) and Allen will ask him to restructure his contract. It's tough to see Brooks leaving but the Bucs need to cut $19 M in player's salaries by March 3 to come under the cap.

Shelton Quarles: Under contract for $5 M next season. Similar to Brooks Quarles will be asked to restructure despite coming off a great season.

Mike Alstott: Much like Brett Favre Alstott is straddling the fence when it comes to deciding whether to retire or stick around another year. Is under contract for $5 M next season.

Brian Griese: Under contract for $7 M next season. Will be cut unless he renegotiates. May be cut anyway to make room (both financially and roster-wise) for Simms.

Chris Hovan: Unrestricted free agent this season, and his resurgence while under the Bucs may produce more interest in Hovan that last season when he was viewed as damaged goods.

Rod Marinelli: Defensive line coach who has interviewed for Lion's head coaching position. Considered second tier canidate by Rams for their head coaching position. If Kiffin does leave for St. Louis then Marinelli would be offered Buc's defensive coordinator position. Will most likely end up in Kansas City with Herm Edwards as defensive coordinator (Edit- ignore previous line, see bottom).

Mike Tomlin: Defensive backs coach with the Bucs. Accepted offer to be the defensive coordinator for the Vikings.

Booger McFarland: Under contract for $8.1 M next season, may be cut if he does not renegotiate. Can not renegotiate until next fall.

Dexter Jackson: Unrestricted free agent. Super Bowl MVP fell off the map after leaving town to sign with Cardinals. Most likely will only leave for another team that runs Tampa Two since he does not play well in other defenses.

Ike Hilliard: Unrestricted free agent. Not many notable players left who may leave town so I will just mention them quickly.

Jameel Cook: Unrestricted free agent.

Matt Bryant: Unrestricted free agent.

Juran Bolden: Unrestricted free agent.

Dave Moore: Unrestricted free agent.

Todd Stuessie: Unrestricted free agent.

Obviously everyone on the roster is free game to leave the Bucs at any point this offseason, but if I left off anybody that you think should have been included let me know in the comments section.

EDIT #1: The Kansas City Star is reporting that Gunther Cunningham will stay in KC as the defensive coordinator, thus ruling out Marinelli being hired by the Chiefs. Marinelli may end up in Chicago as the defensive coordinator.

Edit #2: In news that should come as no real surprise, Kiffin has turned down the Ram's head coaching job. It is doubtful many other teams will offer Kiffin an interview, considering this decision pretty much cements Kiffin's desire to stay in Tampa.

EDIT #3: The Tampa Tribune is reporting that Marinelli has been offered an interview for the Raider's head coaching position. This would be a poor first head coaching opportunity since Radier's owner Al Davis is notoriously fickle and traditionally underpays his head coaches. It still appears Chicago is where Marinelli will end up.

EDIT #4: Marinelli is one of three finalists (along with Jim Haslett and Pittsburgh offensive line coach Russ Grimm) for the Lion's head coaching gig. Since the decision has to be made fairly soon (perhaps by the end of the week) and Grimm can not be interviewed while the Steelers are in the playoffs, this is basically a two horse race between Marinelli and Haslett.

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