Who ya got?

Four teams left in the playoffs.

Denver, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Carolina.

For the free agent fans out there who are you rooting for the rest of the playoffs? Bucs are out, and up until this afternoon I was rooting for the Colts (that didn't work out so well either).

Me? I've got the Broncos and the class act that is John Lynch. 'Course if some Broncos fan wanted to sweeten the deal I might be open to offers.


gnorb said...

My mid-season Super Bowl picks were the Colts and Seahawks. Sadly, I can at best be 50% right. Given what I know now, I'm hoping for a Seattle/Denver showing. On one hand I'd like to see the Broncos win 'cause -- well c'mon. They're the Broncos. You gotta like the Broncos. They're... well, the Broncos. And it'd be awesome to see Lynch win it all.

On the other hand there's the Seahawks who I'd love to see win it, if for no other reason than I like teams who have done the "turn-around" thing. (I'm still cheering for Arizona to turn it around and go on to the SB sometime in the near future.) The Hawks have been in the league just as long as the Bucs and they deserve to finally get a title.

For me, it's a hard one, it really is. What I *wouldn't* like seeing is a Steelers/Carolina showdown. frankly, I can't really stand Carolina (though they have some of the coolest looking uniforms in the NFL), and Pittsburg... well... not quite sure what to say about them other than I just plain like Denver better.

In the end, I'm rooting for the Hawks to go all the way. So long as its either them or the Broncos I'll be a happy camper.

Ski said...

My super bowls picks were Indy and Carolina so I'm in a similar boat. I can't stand Pittsburgh or their fans who are as obnoxious when they're winning as philly or new england. (http://www.sportsfrog.com/archives/2006_01.html#008463)

as far as seattle I feel ya on the "turn around" thing (part of the reason I was rooting for Cincy to prove themselves). But when it comes down to it I have a tough time rooting for any team in the NFC (even though I still think of Seattle as an AFC team).

gnorb said...

Just read the link. Wow. What an a**.

As for NFC teams, I'm with you there. My entire philosophy for rooting on teams is abased around which team's win/loss will help the Bucs in the long run. (For example, I hate the Packers. But for a brief point this season I was THE ultimate Packers fan. Why? Because if they'd beaten the Bears, the Bucs would've been the #2 seed. Alas, they didn't.) But I can't help but like the Cardinals. Probably has something to do with the whole "root for the underdog" mentality I gained while being a Bucs fan for all those years they were 3-13, 5-11, etc. All in all, the Bucs are #1 in my book, but if I can't root for the Bucs, I'll root for whatever team helps them the most. And if that doesn't matter then... well, Go Cards!

Of course, this doesn't apply to a few teams, like Frisco or Huston. I just can't stand them for some reason. Dunno, maybe that'll change.

Ski said...

yeah, that's a pretty absurd thing for roethlisberger to say, as though every reporter covering the steelers has to openly root for them.

and it's funny you mention the cardinals because there has been a wave of support recently for arizona on the internet (prob since their own fan base has largely abondoned them). in fact, deadspin and mighty mjd have created a new nickname for the fearsome destructive machine that is the cardinals, buzzsaw.