Another one (almost) bites the dust

Just when I was joking that there was no one left on the Buc's coaching staff for Green Bay to take, the St. Pete Times reports that the Packers attempted to get linebackers coach Joe Barry for their defensive coordinator.

Lions head coach Marinelli also tried to get his son-in-law for the Lion's defensive coordinator position but GM Bruce Allen refused to let Barry interview (since Barry has another year left on his contract Allen has the right to do so).

Let's be clear, Allen did the right thing here. The Bucs have already lost two defensive positional coaches and losing a third would be too difficult to replace in one offseason. Barry will still get offers to coordinate a defense somewhere next year, but loyalty dictates (especially since the Bucs gave him an opportunity) that Barry stick around for next season.

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Douglas Scott S. said...

way to pick against the spread you hypocritical woman.