In the film room with Jaws and Hodge

Some interesting stuff from Football Outsiders during their visit with Ron Jaworski and Merril Hodge to break down NFL film. NFL Matchup (along with Outside the Lines and PTI) is one of the few watchable shows on the Worldwide Leader. If nothing else I'm a junkie for film break down.

The Redskins offense is followed by the Bucs offense as the day-long session rolls on. Again, power running is the theme. The Bucs use two or three tight ends on every play. Jaws is impressed by the fact that Jon Gruden, a pass-oriented coach, has embraced “primitive” offense out of necessity. He’s also impressed by Cadillac Williams, and by Chris Simms, who Jaws says “has matured more in every game.” And while it’s clear that neither Tampa tackle is effective as a pass blocker, he notes that the Bucs line is effective when blocking straight ahead and double-teaming defenders.

Which is to say neither tackle is all that good. Anthony Davis deserves far more credit than Kenyatta since at least Davis is a young undrafted free agent while Kenyatta was a first round draft pick. Kenyatta has seen some improvement over the last couple of years but he has not been as dominant as you would expect a first rounder to be.

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