Weekend in Review

Current NFC Playoff Picture:

1. Seattle (11-2)
2. Chicago (9-4)
3. New York (9-4)
4. Tampa Bay (9-4)
5. Carolina (9-4)
6. Minnesota (8-5)

7. Dallas (8-5)
8. Atlanta (8-5)
9. Washington (7-6)

Except for Seattle, who has pretty much locked up the NFC, the conference is wide open. Ultimately, Seattle's and Chicago's soft divisions may give both teams the first round bye and home field advantage they need to win in the playoffs. On the other hand, which ever team's win the East and South will likely have to play in the first round of the playoffs.

At the beggining of the season how many people had picked Seattle and Chicago as the favorites in the NFC? Most people were split on St. Louis, Arizona and Seattle to win the NFC West. And the only person I knew of picking the Bears was Bill Simmons.

Remaining Schedule:

Seattle: at Tenn, vs Indy, at GB
Chicago: vs Atl, at GB, at Minn
New York: vs. Kansas City, at Wash, at Oak

Tampa Bay: at NE, vs Atl, vs NO
Carolina: at NO, vs Dal, at Atl
Minnesota: vs Pitt, at Balt, vs. Chi

Dallas: at Wash, at Car, vs STL
Atlanta: at Chi., at TB, vs Car.
Washington: vs Dal, vs NYG, at Philly

At some point some team has to get hot going into the playoffs. Right now it looks like that team is the Seahawks but once Seattle clinches homefield they will most likely rest their players. And players tend to cool off pretty quickly once they are on the bench.

Which leaves the Bucs as the second most likely team in the NFC to get hot down the stretch. Coming off a big road win against a divisional rival, the Bucs finish the season with two games at home. But then again the New England winter tends to chill even the hottest players.

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