Weekend in Review

Trying out a new gimmick tonight, where I review this weekend's game using at least a thousand words for each matchup. And at the end, I will present the current NFC playoff picture.

Giants defeat Cowboys in a defensive battle to take the division lead.

In a snow bowl at Philly the Seahawks dominate the Eagles.

If not for an errant Favre throw at the end of the first half, this game would have been closer than the score suggests.

Carolina made Vick and company their bitch while retaining the division lead.

Current NFC Playoff Picture:

  1. Seattle, 10-2
  2. Chicago, 9-3
  3. Carolina, 9-3
  4. New York, 8-4
  5. Tampa Bay, 8-4
  6. Minnesota, 7-5

Stay with me here, Dallas and Atlanta have the same record as Minnesota, but due to the first tiebreaker (division record) the Vikings (4-1) edges out the Cowboys (3-2) and the Falcons (1-2). Washington at 6-6 is still in the playoff race, although they pretty much need to win out to make it to the post season.

Minnesota's soft division may be what gets them into the playoffs. With only one division game left (Chicago), the worst division record the Vikings can finish with is 4-2. Of course, the Vikings need to finish with the same record as the Cowboys and Falcons.

If Minnesota and Atlanta finish with the same record, while Dallas finishes one game behind (which is slightly more likely because of the Cowboys' difficult schedule) then Atlanta would make it into the playoffs over Minnesota because the Falcons own the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Vikings.

The Buc's Christmas Eve game versus the Falcons will likely be the one game which decides which team makes it to the playoffs. I can easily see both teams entering this game with the same record. But keep a close eye on how the Vikings' and Cowboys' games, because if the Bucs stumble at Carolina and New England, Tampa Bay will need Minnesota and Dallas to drop just as many games.

So to recap, Dallas could be screwed, Atlanta owns Minnesota, and Bucs need at least two wins.

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