Bucs Beat New Orleans Saints of Baton Rouge/San Antonio

Because of the travashamockery that is the Hawk and Dove, I missed the first half of the Bucs game today. For some reason every room except the one I sat in had Sunday Ticket, which would probably explain why it was the only room with available seating. Fortunately, the Pour House next door did have the Bucs game on so I was able to catch the second half (and those of you who don't live in DC have already lost interest).

Ugly win against the Saints, but today also marked the return of Bucs ball. The Bucs made a commitment to running the ball while the defense forced turnovers. Cadillac ran for 96 yards and the secondary had four interceptions.

Big props to Joey Galloway, who scored the winning touchdown today. Galloway has been almost unstoppable this season en route to 1,000 yards through 13 games. I forget who first said this but every time Galloway catches the ball he is basically returning a punt. Galloway has scored a few touchdowns on a simple 12 yard hook route, where he curls in to create seperation and catch the ball, then he curls out away from the defenders.

But my game ball goes to Ronde Barber, with his three interceptions, including the game clinching one in the fourth quarter. Opposing defenses have had little difficulty driving on the Bucs defense late in the game this season. In seasons past, the Bucs would have forced Joey Harrington or whatever rodeo clown is playing quarterback for the 49ers to turn the ball over.

Bucs go on the road again next week to Charlotte to play the Panthers. The Panthers starting quarterback, Jake Delhomme shares many similarities to Saints quartebrack Aaron Brooks. Both can make big plays and are difficult to sack, but both are interception prone. Delhomme is difficult to sack because he releases the ball so quickly, while Brooks is able to evade the pass rush with his legs (as the Bucs d-line experienced today).

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