Bucs roll over Panthers

The NFC is now wide open.

With Carolina's and Chicago's losses the NFC becomes anyone's conference to win in the playoffs. Sure, Seattle is the best team (some team has to have that distinction), but the best thing Seattle has going for them this season is consistency.

Who would have thought Carolina's first week loss would be the difference between a home playoff game for the Bucs and a cold trip to New York or Chicago in January? But with identical records and a split between the two teams, it comes down to divisional record. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Today's game could have gone either way but the Bucs took advantage of good field position early in the match to slowly build a lead on the Panthers. Which was simply karma balancing out the universe, seeing as how the Bears won a few weeks ago because the started out with good field position.

Big game again by Ronde Barber and company, but this was Cadillac Williams' first 100 yard game against a quality defense. Early in the season Cadillac notched up 100 yard games against poor defensive teams (Vikings, Bills, Atlanta) but was ineffective against good rushing defenses (Washington, Carolina the first time).

Anyway, feel free to post your thoughts on the game here.


Cutthroat Pirates said...

What a game. Ski, I think we could go far in the Post season. December has always been a good month for the Bucs (when healthy unlike last two years.

If we can secure a first round Bye we are in the Superbowl.

But no matter what I am happy that we improved from last years record.

Ski said...

i'll post on this later, but the NFC playoff picture has tightened up considerably. Seattle still has the best record at 11-2, but you have four other teams (Bucs, Panthers, Giants, Bears) all at 9-4.

although I don't see the same kind of dominance from this team that I saw the Super Bowl team display from just a few years ago. that team (with Sapp, Keyshaun, Lynch, etc.) had more of a swagger to it, while this is still a very young team that is largely untested in the post season.

The Armchair Quarterback said...

I think Seattle has to be the favorite at this point but with the defense the Bucs have and the improved play of Simms anything is possible.