Saints to play in Louisiana next season

In a one year deal between NFL Commish Paul Tagliabue and Saints owner Tom Benson, the Saints will move back to their practice facility outside of New Orleans next season. Len Pasquarelli is reporting the Superdome will be ready for play by November, which means the Saints will have to play some of their home games at LSU's stadium. Benson has mentioned he stands to lose $45 million this season, and it is doubtful the Saints will be financially solvent next season even if they played every game in New Orleans.

Right now, the Saints can attract more fans to the game playing in San Antonio than they could playing in New Orleans or Baton Rouge. In 2004, the Saints never drew more than 64,900 fans to a game (Scott I'm depending on your numbers). I don't think New Orleans can even match those numbers considering many former residents abadoned New Orlenas for good, while many other have been left broke and penniless. The three game at the Alamodome in San Antonio averaged 62,666 fans, while the games at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge averaged slightly more than 40,000.

Benson wants to move the team (either to San Antonio or L.A.), something which he made clear even before Hurricane Katrina. Now he's being roped into playing in Lousiana when he clearly does not want to (In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the NFL was giving Benson a little something under the table to keep him happy). I think there's a good chance, depending on how next season plays out, that Benson moves the team especially if San Antonio can get him a new stadium.

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