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I meant to post his interview earlier but I have found little free time in between last minute Christmas shopping and trying to convince old high school friends to go to Mons at 3 in the morning (in both cases I have had no luck). Douglas Scott runs a poorly named blog called Vick for MVP. Please excuse any typos in the interview as I'm still hung over from last night (you are a cruel mistress Beam and coke). Douglas thinks Vick is better than Eli Manning, Delhomme or Brad Johnson despite the fact that all three latter quarterbacks have better records and better passer ratings.

Best Bucs Blog: The Falcons had two losses through their first seven games, but recently the team has been on a downslide with four losses in their last seven games. what happened?

Douglas: that loss at home against the packers pretty took everyone by surprise, since then we've been falling behind in games early and its been tough to climb back
bestbucsblog (1:13:05 PM): how did the falcons lose to green bay? samkon gado turned into a house hold name after that win.

Douglas: Thats the game pretty much everyone realized we had no run defense, when a no-name who was green bays 3rd or 4th running back of the year comes in and rushes for 100+ yds and 3 td, well fell down 14-0 early in the 1st qtr and were unable to overcome that

Douglas: we fell down*

Best Bucs Blog: what's the difference between the atlanat defense this year and the defense from last year? as i remember it atlanta had a good defense last season.

Douglas: the main difference that i can think of is that we simply got better play out of kerney and brady smith. our secondary has always been suspect, itd be nice if they all played like d-hall

Best Bucs Blog: speaking of dante hall, he's one of three players from the falcon's defense to make it to the pro bowl. six players in total made it to the pro bowl. who else from the falcons would you have liked to see make the pro bowl?

Douglas: probably just demorrio williams... and i think he missed out mostly because he's not a household name yet. he leads the team in tackles and has had some big interceptions and fumbles

Best Bucs Blog: with so much talent on the roster does jim mora jr. risk getting fired if he doesn't make the playoffs?

Douglas: i dont think his job's in jeapordy yet. he just needs to do a better job of keeping his composure and keeping the team focused. we have plenty of talent but we just havent been able to win the big games and that may be moras fault...

Best Bucs Blog: it does seem likes he's loses his cool on the sidelines fairly often

Douglas: yeah last week against chicago i actually thought he got ejected from the game, which has to be pretty tough to do, when he almost hit the ref on the sideline

Best Bucs Blog: how about if the falcons don't make the playoffs next season? does mora lose his job?

Douglas: then his job will be on the line, unless of course vick suffers some serious injury. then of course he'll probably get a free pass.

Best Bucs Blog: if only that had worked for dan reeves

Best Bucs Blog: what do the falcons need to do well to win saturday's game against the bucs?

Douglas: vick and the defense need to come out and look sharp. when the falcons face a quick, tough defense they get rattled easily. thats when you start seeing 3 and out after 3 and out. and maybe we can miraculously stop the run... thatd always be nice

Best Bucs Blog: who is the better quarterback, vick or delhomme?

Douglas: i'll take vick over delhomme anyday... if the two of them swapped teams, and vick had carolinas defense playing behind him and steve smith as a weapon, i think he'd play great. as for delhomme with our WR i think he'd have his struggles. i guess we'll just have to see who performs better in the pro bowl.

Best Bucs Blog: how about, vick or brad johnson?

Douglas: brad johnson in his prime was a good QB, but hes about done so i'll go with vick again

Best Bucs Blog: vick or eli manning?

Douglas: eli's tough, he can either turn out like his brother or continue making terrible decisions. but at the same time im pretty sure eli is doing much better than peyton was at the same time in his career. i think vick has potential to be a superstar as soon as he and his WR mature. i think the only QB i'd take over vick right now is peyton.

Douglas: ive grown so accustomed to watching vick, even though he pisses me off half the time, that i cant imagine having anyone else as a QB for the falcons

Best Bucs Blog: really? I can understand that. Many times I've seen Vick make great plays to beat the Bucs, the kind of plays only Vick could make

Douglas: theres just that potential for him to do something amazing on any given play

Best Bucs Blog: yeah, that's what worries me about vick, but there's also the potential for his to go down for the season on one hit, so it goes both ways I guess

Douglas: yeah he definately needs to do a better job of getting rid of the ball instead of forcing a play if nothings there, but i guess thats the part of the maturing process

Best Bucs Blog: anyway, thanks douglas for your help with the interview. I'll be at the game saturday, so I'll have a chance to see first hand what your boy Vick van do

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Douglas Scott S. said...

its deangelo hall, not dante. he had a nice INT before the half, i hope hes ok. of course the offense gets 3 plays on the 13 yd line and cant pick up a yard... nice play calling.

17-14 at half