4th Quarter

I missed almost the entire fourth quarter because Huey was busy producing "The Adventures of Black Jesus" but I imagine, from the score, that all I missed was Sexy Rexy continuing to make plays while the Sunday Night Crew continued to sing his praise.

You know sometimes miking up a player works for the best and sometimes it backfires. Miking Alex Brown tonight can be labeled as the latter. Normally, Brown is more than willing to talk some smack but this game just lacks the energy necessary to produce good smack talk.

And as long as I'm talking about former defensive lineman for the Gators, how about Ian Scott, defensive tackle for the Bears? I went to middle school with this guy back in Gainesville, and I had a lot of the same classes as him. I'm not gonna lie and say we were friends, but Ian was a really chill guy in middle school with a sense of humor. Of course, if he plays the Bucs in the playoffs I'm hoping he breaks his leg or something like that.

Oh good God, the Sunday Night Crew has started talking about everything except the game, which is always dangerous. I have no idea where this conversation will go, it could end up with them talking the best coaches in the NFL. Or it could end up with them talking about a mustard stain on their green tie.

My apologies, Madden was the one who droaned on about his magical color changing/mustard stained tie last week.

Another thing which bugs me about the Sunday Night Crew is obviously fake background. Sure they probably have no control over that but ESPN has been using the computer generated background since at least last year. The thing just looks cheesy, like something out of a bad 70's movie.

And game over, Bears win 16-3. This game marks the beginning of the legend that will be Rex Grossman but for now the Bears are 10-4. Falcons can basically kiss the playoffs goodbye. Check in tomorrow for my week in review column.

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