Is this thing on?

It's not a good week for Jim Mora Jr. First his team losses a crucial game against the Bucs. Then he gets fined for throwing a temper tantrum on the radio. Now, Joe Horn is going after Mora for using a cell phone on the sidelines during the game. Even though the NFL has not made a decision regarding fining Mora, Horn is demanding the money back he paid for a thoroughly unentertaining cell phone celebration two seasons ago.

"I want $30,000," said Horn. "I'm not trying to player-hate coach Mora, but it shouldn't be a double-standard league. A player gets fined, then a coach should get fined under any circumstances.

Except Mora was using the cell to figure out the playoff scenario if his Falcons tied (although he failed to figure that out). Horn's use of the cell phone in a touchdown celebration did not affect his team's chance of reaching the playoffs. I'm not rocket scientest, but there's a bit of a difference in these two situations. If anything, Mora deserves to be fined because he's a horrible coach who took a team that made it to the NFC Championship last season and did everything he could to make sure the Falcons did not make it back to the post season.

And Horn deserved to be fined for that poor excuse for a touchdown celebration. I say put the question to the fans if a player should be fined for a touchdown celebration. Hell, the NFL lets us idiots vote for things like the Pro Bowl, which affect a player's chances to get into the Hall of Fame. Why not let the fans decide which celebrations deserve to be fined?

For example, I would not have fined Chad Johnson for his "NFL: Don't fine me" sign, but I would have wanted Hines Ward to pay up for some off his more awkward celebrations including his attempt at the Riverdance.


jrf said...

That, seriously, is the best CJ celebration ever. And he got fined for it.

Scott said...

I've spent years thinking of Joe Horn as a pompous jackass, but he's really stepped up in calling the league out on a few key issues. Katrina, the New York "home game", and now this Jim Mora thing. These weren't "me" issues, and I respect him for speaking out about them.

I can't believe I just said that.