Some More Internet Goodness

Once I get started I just can't stop. There's just too much goodness to be found out there in the electronic nether regions.

Next stop is Birds and Braves. B 'n B is a rarity in Atlanta. Most Atlanta sports bloggers would rather suck Vick's dick than provide insightful commentary, but not the B 'n B.

I still feel conflicted about Michael Vick because he's a good player, but not a superstar and the Falcons are paying him to be the latter. His enormous cap number is going to make it hard to assemble a championship team around him. Also, his standoffishness this year, specifically the "don't criticize me if we're winning," is less than endearing.

To recap, Vick is about as good as Chris Simms, but he's getting paid like Peyton Manning. Plus, he's been a bigger bitch than Peyton.

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