The Great Detroit Orange Out

In case you missed, my favorite story from over the weekend was the protest by Lions fans in an effort to try and get Lion's GM Matt Millen fired. Ever since a Lions fan held up a paper bag sign at a home game declaring "Fire Millen" the Lions faithful have rallied around this one theme, getting Millen fired. Chants of "Fire Millen" have been repeated at Lions games, home Red Wings games, hell even the Red Wing's game in Washington.

All this angst culminated this weekend with a planned Orange Out of the Lion's home game against the Bengals. Many Lion's fan planned to wear orange to support the Bengals and declare their extreme displeasure with a team which has been miserable for years. Before the game a local radio station organized a protest march to the stadium.

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Scott said...

Ok, the "Future Toyota Buyer" one is funny. How well a football team does affects their buying decisions? That's taking things a little too seriously. The guys looking down from the GM building in the background must be getting some level of satisfaction from all this.

But seriously, Millen has failed. It was a good try. If he's lucky, he can join Butch Davis and Jim Mora Sr. on the NFL Network to discuss what teams need to do to win. Because if anyone knows how to win, it's them.