3rd Quarter

Sweet, Sexy Rexy just stepped into the game and quickly completed a first down pass on a perfectly thrown ball. Just to be clear Grossman deserves the start over Orton. Not only is Grossman the better player but he lost his job because of an injury. NFL players are not supposed to lose their jobs because of injury. I've been pulling for Grossman to take over the starting duties since the Bears faced the Bucs, and now Sexy Rexy finally has his chance to sign.

And in another sign that Sexy Rexy is destined for greatness the Sunday Night Crew immediately attacks the decision. Sexy Rexy throws another first down.

My boy Sexy Rexy throws an interception but the Falcons player fumbles the ball which is recovered by a Bears receiver on the one yard line. Clearly, Grossman meant to throw an interception, knowing the outcome of the play would be a touchdown opportunity for the Bears.

And then to top the night off for me, ESPN plays the LeBrons commercial, where LeBron plays four different characters. No one has mentioned these commercials are an obvious ripoff of Clinton Portis's weekly costume changes.

Right after the Sunday Night Crew mentions Vick has only completed five passes, the Illusion completes a pass. To the other team. First interception of the night for Vick.

The Sunday Night Crew has pulled a 180 and is now praising Sexy Rexy, who continues to throw for first downs. I'm calling it right now, Bears face off against the Colts in the Super Bowl.

Sexy Rexy has completed more passes in half a quarter than either Orton or Vick did in the first half.

Another field goal by Chicago, who is now up 16-3. If Atlanta does not score soon they can kiss their playoff chances goodbye.

Just to give y'all a heads up when 11 rolls around I'm going to be switching to the Boondocks, the funniest new show on television. The fact that shows like Everybody Loves Raymond and Two and a Half Men get higher ratings than Boondocks is a travashamockery.

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