2nd Quarter

The Falcons are the first team to put points on the board, but I'm still distracted by the Victoria's Secret commercial so I can't tell you the keys plays on the drive for the Falcons. I can share this Sexy picture with you though.

Twenty minutes into the game and Orton completes his first pass in six attempts. How is Sexy Rexy not starting by now?

Wow, an end around by the Bears gains 28 yards. I try that play all the time in Madden and typically get stuffed for five yards. All Atlanta had to do was keep it's backside defensive end outside of the ball, how tough is that?

On third and nine Orton badly overthrows his tightend in the flats. Vick celebrates quietly, confident in the fact that he is finally the NOT the worst passer in a NFL game.

Oh yeah, the game is tied up at 3-3 now.

Vick's last two passes have been deflected by Bear's defenders. Each time it appeared as though Vick was trying to throw the ball to the opposing players. First time Vick threw right at the Urlacher who was probably so surprised by the throw he did not have time to try and catch the ball.. Second time Vick throws into double coverage over the middle.

Poor throw by Orton, and if DeAngelo Hall is any good he picks off the underthrown pass. Instead, Hall picks up a pass interference penalty on Muhsin Muhammed.

6-3, Bears. I might have picked a lousy game to live blog.

Joe Thiesman declares that this has been a well played game by both teams, despite the weather. Clearly he has not been paying attention to the quarterbacks the entire game.

Bears, backed up at their own five yard line with 1:45 to go decide to run the ball instead of attempting to drive down the field. How is this not an indictment of Orton?

And it's somehow working, Thomas Jones just ran to his 43 yard line. Poor play calling by the Bears as Orton passes on first down. Note to Bears, dance with the horse that brought you to the dance, i.e. keep running the ball.

For some reason the Sunday night crew attacks the Bears punter for holding onto the ball too long and getting the punt blocked. Except the Bears punter did not take too long. The Bears offensive line refused to block anyone on the punt attempt, which resulted in about five unblocked Falcons players in the punter's face.

First half ends with the Bears up 6-3.

And as long as we have a break in the game go check out Windy City Gridiron (a Bears blog) and Vick for MVP (Falcons blog).

Oh yeah, and fear the neckbeard.

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