Bucs Pro Bowlers

Here's the full list.

Who's in: Derrick Brooks, Ronde Barber, Josh Bidwell

Who's out: Joey Galloway

This was a tough year to be a wide receiver and get into the Pro Bowl. Steve Smith and Santana Moss are the two clear cut choices in the NFC, but I don't see how Torry Holt or Larry Fitzgerald get in over Galloway. The difficulty with voting in receivers from losing teams is that teams with poor records tend to throw the ball more often that winning franchises. Here are the receiving stats for these three guys in order of total receiving yards:

5. Larry Fitzgerald . . . . . 1,236 yards . . . . . 8 tds
6. Joey Galloway . . . . . . 1,152 yards . . . . . 8 tds
7. Torry Holt . . . . . . . . . 1,128 yards . . . . . 8 tds

All three guys have near identical stats, and all three receivers have had to deal with at least two different quarterbacks during the season. The are a lot of similarities between these three receivers but where Galloway should have distanced himself from the crowd, his team's winning record, was completely ignored by the voters. Galloway deserved a spot in the Pro Bowl and anyone who has seen him play would agree with me.


Cutthroat Pirates said...

Congrats to Brooks, Barber, Bidwell, but I agree that Galloway got screwed. I hope he gets in. He is so deserving.

Douglas Scott S. said...


i'll probably be online at some point tomorrow, just send me an IM when you're ready for the interview. 6 falcons in the pro bowl.. thats what im talkin about.