There must have been half a dozen times where it felt like the Bucs were not going to win this game. In fact, I was half way to the exit before the Bucs blocked the Falcon's fieldgoal in overtime to stay alive in the game. And I would feel worse about that if not for the fact that half the stadium was doing the same thing. The Bucs were done when Edell Shepherd fumbled the ball on their opening kickoff of overtime.

But when the Bucs blocked that kick the stadium went crazy. But the roller coaster game that today's game was, the Bucs still missed a close field goal in overtime because of a bad snap and hold. When the Falcons got the ball back I thought the game was going to end in a tie. And nobody likes kissing their sister.

Sure enough though, Matt Bryant (who I attacked for losing the Bear's game a few weeks back) came through in the end, with 20 seconds left, to win the game for the Bucs. And with Carolina's loss, the Bucs are back at the top of the NFC South (with an outside chance at a first round bye). And considering how weak the NFC is this year if the Bucs (or any NFC team) gets hot they can take the conference.

And a note to the Falcons fan sitting behind me. The first time you yelled "No Flag League" after the refs did not call a penalty was weakly clever. The tenth time you yelled "No Flag League" was getting annoying. By the twentieth time I was about ready to beat you with a tire iron until you were incapable of breathing, much less yelling.

And one more thing, Vick = overrated. What's his record this season? 8-6, on a team that is going to miss the playoffs? How did he make it to the Pro Bowl over Eli or Brunell?


Douglas Scott S. said...

it's not vicks fault for losing today... it's the defenses for blowing yet another lead, and our wonderful kicker. atleast i can enjoy the playoffs now and not have to worry about having a mild stroke from watching the falcons..

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Merry Christmas Ski