Bucs get lunch handed to them

You let who score on you? Tom Ashworth?

When a no name offensive lineman beats you for a touchdown you know the day is not going well for you.

Anyway, I missed the first half of the game 'cause I was playing football with the guys (on the bright side my team won in that game) so I can't pinpoint where things went wrong. But judging by the score it looks like a whole lot of things went wrong.

Picking up in the second half, the Bucs were just dominated on both sides of the ball. Simms never had time to throw the ball 'cause there was almost always a blitzer in his face. And the defense could not stop the Pats from moving the ball down the field. There's probably a silver lining to this game but I sure as hell didn't see it.

Feel free to leave your rant about the game (or, if you are not a Bucs fan, your boast) in the comments section.

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