Live bloggin' the Bears-Falcons game: 1st quarter

The game has not even started yet and Vick looks miserable. The Sunday night crew just mentioned this is the coldest game Vick has ever played in which is not surprising considering he grew up and played college ball in Virginia.

It's -3 degrees with the windchill in Chicago.

By the way, the temptation to make a Ron Mexico/Simplex joke will be difficult to resist. I can't promise I will try to resist making a Herpes joke, but I will promise to try to try.

Orton's first throw is a deep one which is underthrown so badly the receiver could not catch the ball even after pushing the defender away from him. Clear cut case of offensive pass intereference and the ref refuses to throw the flag.

Someone on the atrocious Sunday night crew mentions that Brian Urlacher is the fastest player on the Bear's defense, which is obviously not true. Urlacher is fast, for a middle linebacker, but he's not as fast as the corners. No middle linebacker is faster than any corner or else they would be playing corner, which is a higher paid position than middle linebacker.

The Sunday night crew (Paul McGwire I believe) actually mentions something interesting. Apparently the Bears did not play at Soldier's Field until 1971, before that they played for fifty years at Wrigley Field. Soldier's Field was actually built in the 1920's and was named after veterans from the the first World War. For some reason that is much cooler than naming your stadium after a couple of rich investors.

The best player for the Falcons so far has been their punter Keonon (sp?), who has two punts within yards of the goal line.

In case you didn't know how much I despise ESPN's Sunday night crew you are going to find out. One of them just mentioned (Paul McGwire again I think) that Thomas Jones was not a success at Tampa Bay, which is obviously not true. Jones had a great finish to the season and the Bears outbid the Bucs for his services during the offseason.

I was all excited for the new Family Guy tonite but it has been preempted by the President's national address. I'm sure the Iraq War and national security is more important than a bunch of fart jokes but damnit, I want to watch the fart jokes.

I'm loving the Victoria's Secret commercials but how is buying lingerie for my girlfriend any different form buying her a frying pan. In both cases I getting her something that would benefit myself. Not that that doesn't mean I'm not considering buying her lingerie for Christmas.

In the past fortyfive minutes the temperature had dropped to 9 degrees, or -7 degrees with the windchill.

Bad news for the Falcons. They had great field position for the first quarter and could not put points on the board. At some point the Bears will get their ground game going which will spell trouble for Atlanta.

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