"The Cal Ripken of NFL team physicians"

Can you name the longest serving member of the Buccaneer's organization? No, it's not Derrick Brooks (11 years) or Monte Kiffin (10 years) but the team's physician, Joe Diaco, who has been with the franchise for all thirty years of the Buc's existence.

The Tribune unearths a few of the many stories Diaco has to share from his tenure under seven head coaches, two McKays and 26 straight losses:

The most enduring story of Diaco's uncontrolled passion for game day took place in the final regular-season contest of the 1981 season when the Bucs, under McKay, were at Detroit needing a victory to edge out the Lions for the division title and playoff berth.

In his accustomed spot on the sideline in front of the Bucs' bench, Diaco became so entranced as seconds ticked toward intermission that he called for a timeout.

"Thank God the referee did not hear me," Diaco grimaced.

McKay, however, did.

I'll spare you the suspense, McKay did not fire Diaco. Check out the article to read the rest of the story. Diaco also shares his opinion on which head coach was the most difficult and which players were the toughest.

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Cutthroat Pirates said...

Good article, I have met Joe Diaco he is a super nice guy. You get to meet all kinds of Bucs at fan fest every year.