Which would you pick?

Option A: Starting quarterback in Oakland?

Option B: Backup quarterback in Tampa Bay?

These may be Brian Griese's best options as a free agent. With Culpepper going to Miami, Brees likely headed to New Orleans, and Tennessee and the New York Jets to draft quarterbacks it appears the only team still looking for a starting quarterback is Oakland.

Griese is already comfortable in Tampa Bay, and has a very good shot at the starting job. On the other hand, most quarterbacks want to be the starter, which Griese would be if he signed with the Raiders. Of course, if Griese went to Oakland he would have to spend far more time with Al Davis than any living person should have to.

Al Davis stars in "Weekend at Bernie's III"


John F. said...

Griese is also experienced in the dealings of the AFC west however... Maybe the guy prefers the mountain/pacific time zones? :-p

Ski said...

John is that you in the picture, or the mentally handicapped person you take to the park on Sundays? (I kid, I kid)

yep, the other comments are spam, but who ever left it also sent me an email saying the same thing. I've been looking around and I haven't seen the spam on any other blogs which link to me so I don't know how the guy found my site.

John F. said...

On my good days, I'm the mentally handicapped person in the picture ;)

Now Griese-to-Detroit is floating around...