Some more love for George Mason

First, I can't get enough Mason stories. This is the best sports story you will see the rest of the year and Coach Larranaga is one of the most entertaining coaches out there.

Second, I'm still rooting for Florida come Saturday. I live in Virginia now and I love the underdog angle, but I grew up rooting for the Gators. That being said I won't be too disappointed if Mason wins.

Anyway, one of the students at Mason has a blog, and it turns out that blog is pretty good.

Of course, this is all hearsay, but my friend overheard a conversation between [ESPN's David] Alrdridge and a typical Mason undergrad female that went something like this:

Aldridge: “So, who was George Mason?”
GMU Girl: “Ummm, I think he was, like, the president or something?”
Aldridge: “The president of the school?”
GMU Girl: “No, of the country!”

Clearly these two have no idea that Mason was a branch of UVA until the show “24” came out four years ago, at which point the school became its own entity and was named after Xander Berkeley’s character.

And, on a final note, I agree with Billy Packer (for once), most of the students who went to Mason weren't smart enough to get into W&M or UVA (or even Tech). Mason, you'll always be a commuter school to me.


ECF Pres. said...

Worse yet, they couldn't get into James Madison aka JMU (Just Missed UVA).

Ski said...

don't even get me started on jmu

Phil said...

For your information, GMU boasts two Nobel Prize winning professors. Can UVA, JMU, or VA Tech claim that? I think not. They also have a more cutting edge IT department than any of those schools, so before you ridicule, learn something first.

Go Patriots!