Free Agency News

  • Daunte Culpepper has been traded to Miami for a second round pick. Good move by Miami, since they were a quarterback away from winning their division last season. The question now is where will Drew Brees go, with the answer most likely being New Orleans. If Brees does end up a Saint then the draft will likely be shaken up since the Saints would be looking to trade down.

  • With all the free agents the 'Skins have signed it would be intersting to see what owner Dan Snyder would have done without a salary cap. The 'Skins are slowly inching towards Yankees status if they could win a championship (or even a division title). Although, I agree with Michael Wilbon, Super Bowls are won in January and February, not March and April.

  • Eagles can save $5 million if they release Terrell Owens today, but I would love to see the Eagles hold onto T.O. for another three months out of spite. If T.O. is released now he can still sign a max contract with another team, but if he is released a few weeks before training camp teams will have already spent most of their cap money on free agents and would have little left to sign T.O.

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