Simms to remain a Buc

Chris Simms has agreed to a one year contract which will pay him $2 million. Simms also mentioned he expects to be the starter going into next season.

"It's great just going into offseason workouts knowing that I am the starter and the organization is looking to me," Simms said.
Brian Griese has a base salary of $3.5 million, and a cap figure of about $7 million. While the Bucs will almost certainly ask Griese to renegotiate this figure, Griese's agent has already stated his client's unwillingness to reduce his contract (although considering there will be almost no money available for free agents Griese may rethink this stance).

Will Griese be cut to get the Bucs under the salary cap? Or will the Bucs keep Griese around for another year as Plan B to negotiate a lower contract with Simms?

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