Bucs sign LaVar Arrington

So this is the reason Shelton Quarles agreed to take a pay cut.

While certainly unexpected, I can't overstate how much signing LaVar Arrington helps the Bucs. Still in the prime of his career, Arrington is a playmaker who instantly improves a defense. Arrington was forced out of Washington after a falling out with defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Bucs fans will most likely remember Arrington as the guy who returned a Simms interception to the six yard line, setting up a Clinton Portis touchdown in our playoff game.

Arrington has great sideline to sideline speed, but is most feared for his pass rushing skills. After all he did end Troy Aikman's career. Expect to see Arrington start at the strongside linebacker position replacing Ryan Nece. More on this tomorrow.


JD said...

Gotta admit. As a Phins fan reading this post initially made my heart skip a beat. Got me! Nice blog man.

John F. said...

pinch me.

Holy christ...

One thing though -- will the Bucs possibly be looking to go to the 3-4 defense instead of 4-3 they've been running for a while now?

John F. said...

Damnit, you are a day early Ski.

April Fools.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You really got me - I read this on April 5th. I'm in DC now, and I kept thinking "How could I not heave heard about this?".

Nice one.