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New gimmick I'm trying out here at the Best Bucs Blog where I share some of what other people are saying about that day's hot topic. Besides giving you an opportunity to read another opinion, it lets me write an entire post without having to voice my own creative or original thoughts...much like cutthroat. (I kid, I kid)

The NFL Competition Committee is talking about placing a 15 yard penalty on endzone celebrations which would essentially end the touchdown celebrations I have come to know and love from guys like Steve Smith and Chad Johnson. As you can probably already tell I think this is the worst idea since New Coke. Here is what some other people around the blogosphere are saying about this...

From MightyMJD:
You remember how much everyone enjoyed Chad Johnson’s and to a less extent, Steve Smith’s, touchdown celebrations last year? The NFL didn’t like it. They saw you smiling, they saw you laughing, they heard you talking about it with friends and co-workers… and they will have no more of it. Soon, they will send security guards into the stands to slap the beer out of your hand and punch you in the face if you smile.

From Stampede Blue:
We suggest [Chad Johnson] follow the strategy of the receiver Chad most wants to emulate: Marvin Harrison. Harrison, at age 33, is a first ballot Hall of Famer if he retired right now. Right now, at 33, he's still better than the younger and faster Chad Johnson. He has scored 110 total TDs in his career, and after each and every one he has simply handed the ball to the ref and jogged to the sideline.

That's cool. Jim Brown cool.

From Deadspin:
The ball is not to be used as a prop, because the ball is sacred, the ball is sacrosanct, the ball is life.

Sheesh.Talk about sticks in the rectal cavity. Tell ‘em, Chad! “Of course you cannot stop someone as creative as me. How can this bother someone as creative as me?”

Preach on, Chad. Preach. On.

I can understand why the NFL wants to do this but in the end it seems kind of counterproductive. I have coworkers who know nothing about the NFL, but they'll be talking the following Monday about what Chad Johnson did the other day. Which can be a good thing 'cause C.J. is a much better ambassador for football than T.O. (although it's a shame Chad plays for that loser of a franchise in Cincy).

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