NFL Steroid policy a farce

You know something is wrong when the Canucks are beating us in baseball, America is winning Olympic medals in curling, and MLB has a better steroid testing system than the NFL.

More information is leaking out about the Panthers steroid case from a few years back, and a doctor for the prosecution has questioned the validity of the NFL's steroid testing.

"It seems to me when you go to the Super Bowl and you have a number of players on steroids for more than a year, and nobody tested positive, it raises questions as to why," said [Dr. Gary]Wadler.

Apparently, the Charlotte doctor who prescribed steroids for Todd Steussie and the other players failed to make sure his patients testosterone levels stayed within the acceptable NFL limits. If the NFL had been doing its job the five Panthers players should have tested positive for steroids.

I'll refrain from stepping up on my soapbox (then again who the hell am I kidding, that's all I do here), but the NFL's record with steroids has been as abysmal as MLB's. It's just that the NFL hasn't had a big name (besides Bill Romanowski) attached to steroids. After all steroids is a media driven story.


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