Get your fill early on November 23rd

...'cause the Bucs are playing their first Turkeyday game.

(Which means expect to hear plenty of Troy Aikman and Joe Buck.)


Big Pauly said...

I just wish our local cable company (Brighthouse Pinellas) would offer up the NFL Network on basic cable, considering that they have a regular season-package starting up this season..

Ski said...

I can't believe the primetime Turkeyday game is going to be on a network most people don't have. You're exactly right, what does the NFL expect people to do, pony up a couple extra hundred dollars just to watch one more game?

I believe there is a bill before Congress right now which would allow a pick-and-choose plan when it comes to buying cable which would replace the current joke of package system.

utspartan said...

Its funny. on Brighthouse they are trying to get public opinion against it. They are saying its only for the rich and that it will cause the government imposed monopolies on cable to be thrown out.

They are afraid of a few things, two being they will have to compete with Verizon (and others) on prices which means lower cable rates. Also they will have to match Verizon (and other) on programming. Their advantage of "Well if you dont like it you can just go to satellite" attitude will be over. Now Brighthouse will have to step up, offer more at a competitive price. They are screaming!!!!