Sunday, Bloody Sunday

First the weekend talks were as good as dead, and now they're back on. With all the posturing going on it's next to impossible to figure out what's really going. (Although ESPN.com is finally running stories on the high revenue owners versus low revenue owners disagreement which I covered last week.) Both sides have until midnight to agree on a new CBA or another extension before free agency starts.

I've been looking at this from every angle and even the worst case scenario (player's strike) probably wouldn't hurt the owners (too much) at this point. The NFL is just too much of a financial juggernaut, hell I would watch the Bucs if they had Keanu Reeves playing quarterback. The players union must realize that any scenario except negotiating a new CBA hurts them more than it does the owners (a single uncapped season would be as profitable for the owners as it would be for top players).

In other cap news, it appears GM Bruce Allen misled the public and over exaggerated the Buc's cap figure (as Pewter Pirates mentioned last week, although suggesting Allen lied is a bit strong). Short term, Allen's manipulations are good for the franchise, since they gave Allen a good reason to rework some of the contracts and free up cap space to possibly resign Alstott and some other players.

In the long term, this strategy will backfire on Allen. Players will distrust anything Allen has to say, which will make signing players that much more difficult. If Allen plans to stick around Tampa Bay I hope he addresses these allegations in the locker room if not in the press.

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Cutthroat Pirates said...

Yeah, saying he lied was a bit strong, but it still makes players and agents and the fans like us not trust him. Did you read the article about Booger restructuring his contract six months ago, because he was told they would use that money for Shaun King. Then the bring in Tim Rattay. I would rather have Rattay then King, but he should have told Booger that.