Today is a Good Day

As mentioned before, here's my NCAA bracket. I'm sharing this with you NOT because it can provide any insight into the tournament, but instead because it will be yet another source of ridicule to be thrown in my face when ALL of my predictions are wrong. Although hopefully I can do better than Phil's mom picking games on the Tony Kornheiser radio show.

Atlanta Regional

Sweet Sixteen: Duke over GW . . . LSU over Texas A&M . . . West Virginia over Iowa . . . Texas over NC State

Regional Final: Texas over Duke

I think LSU is vastly overrated but has an easy road to the Sweet Sixteen, West Virginia plays horrible defense but has enough seniors and experience to make another run, Texas is too good of a team to lose to Duke twice

Oakland Regional

Sweet Sixteen: Memphis over Bucknell . . . Kansas over Pittsburgh . . . Gonzaga over Indiana . . . UCLA over Marquette

Regional Final: Kansas over UCLA

Memphis (the weakest of the #1 seeds) will also be the first #1 seed out, I really like Pitt and Kansas and whomever wins that game will get to the Final Four, I'm picking Kansas in that game be cause they have so much (young) talent and are starting to peak

Washington Regional

Sweet Sixteen: UConn over UAB . . . Illinois over Utah State . . . Michigan State over UNC . . . Wichita State

Regional Final: UConn over Michigan State

Every year people forget about Michigan St. come March and every year they make a nice run in the tournament, I'm a big fan of the Shockers (Wichita St.) this season despite the fact I've never seen them play, UConn has a tough road but is still the best team in the regional by far

Minneapolis Regional

Sweet Sixteen: Villanova over Wisconsin . . . B.C. over Nevada . . . Florida over Oklahoma . . . Georgetown over Ohio State

Regional Final: Villanova over Georgetown

In case you haven't noticed I've been favoring Big East teams this year and Georgetown is the most underrated of the Big East teams, After defending Florida yesterday I turn around and pick them to get upset by the Hoyas . . . I have no excuse for that . . . I'm an idiot, Boston College's defense is too suspect for me to pick them to go far, Villanova is really, really good even if Allen Ray is 80% the first week or so

Final Four: Texas over Kansas . . . UConn over Villanova

Championship Game: UConn over Texas

By the time we get to Championship Weekend it's all chalk and the most talented teams are going to win, Assuming UConn can get to the Final Four they should win it all

First game today is Wichita State versus Seton Hall, and much like Ed Helms from the Daily Show I'm a big fan of the Shocker.

Ed Helms displays his support for the Shocker(s)


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