More March Madness

The Missouri Valley Conference is now 4-2 in the tournament with three upset wins. Just going by the seeds the MVC should have only won a single game.

While Wichita State's success is not nearly as surprising as ESPN and company would leave you to believe, Bradley's win over Pittsburgh is shocking. Bradley beat Pitt today by relying on very good help defense. Last week I wrote Bradley didn't deserve to be in the tournament...I was wrong and I'm an idiot.

Florida make quick work of their opponents in the opening rounds, but they will have to play more disciplined basketball if they expect to advance past the Sweet Sixteen. Joakim Noah has been a stud, but Taurean Green (aka Achilles Heel) continues to take ill-advised shots and make bone-headed plays.

And how about some love for George Mason? Not only have the Patriots been overlooked by the national media, but they have been overlooked by the local media here in the DC market. Overshadowed all season by the other two Georges (-town and Washington), Mason made some noise today by upsetting last year's NCAA champion, UNC.

Oh yeah, and next week Mason plays 20 minutes from their campus, at the Verizon formerly-known-as-the-MCI-Center.

Shocker Line of the Day:
In an irregular feature I will share with you best Wichita State Shocker line I've seen out there. The first comes from EDSBS after Wichita State's victory over Tennessee:

Did you see those Vols walking a little funny after this weekend’s big upset? Perhaps it was because they got too much of the Shocker!


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