SI hack Peter King now stealing my ideas

Sports Illustrated's lead NFL writer Peter King is well known for nonsensical ramblings (anyone remember the "Chad Johnson is cute" line?) and irrational opinions. Apparently Fatty King has caught so much flack for this he is now stooping to stealing opinions from this one horse website. Evidence in point...

Example A: Parcells is the right coach for T.O.

I wrote-
Additionally, Bill Parcells is no stranger to ego-driven personalities having coached Lawrence Taylor and Keyshawn Johnson. If any coach can get the max amount of effort out of T.O. the Big Tuna can.

Fatty King wrote-
You think Parcells hasn't had some wackos before? He put private investigators on the tail of two wide receivers the week of the Giants' Super Bowl with Denver -- and told the guys, Lionel Manuel and Bobby Johnson, he was doing it. He'll find out what it takes to deal with Owens, and for a year at least, it'll be the Nirvana Cowboys.

Extra credit to King for making this point with a far more interesting story, but then again he's been covering the NFL for about 20 more years that I have.

Example B: This is a great move for Dallas

I wrote-
This is not a good move for Dallas, this is a GREAT move for Dallas.

Fatty King wrote-
This is not a good deal for Dallas. It is a fantastic deal. Owens is a great football player in a 14-year-old boy's body.

Over looking the part were Fatty King fantasize about a 14 year old boy's body, this is almost exactly what I wrote.

Example C: The Three Big Dallas Personalities

I wrote-
All that being said, Dallas immediately replaces Philly as the NFL's favorite soap opera. I'm sure sports writers will follow Dallas's Big 3 personalities (Jerry Jones, Parcells and T.O.) like a fat kid follows an ice cream truck.

Fatty King wrote-
Either way, it's going to be great theater. "How'd you like to be ESPN this summer during training camp?'' Simms said. "There won't be time to get in the sports news of the day when Cowboys camp opens up! Half of SportsCenter every night will be Terrell Owens, Bill Parcells, Jerry Jones."

Ok, another advantage to being a writer for Sports Illustrated, you can get quotes from Phil Simms. Still, Peter King is clearly stealing my ideas.

Well, not really, since I doubt Fatty King knows what a blog is, much less ever seen mine. More likely we both came to the same conclusion on the "T.O. to Dallas story" (typing that just sent a cold shudder down my spine, like death slowly creeping up on you). So for this one time, I'll chalk this up to Peter King finally being right.


John F. said...

What are you doing reading that hack King to begin with?

But after the hockey-related hack stuff (the SI/Jaspers Rink incident, if you will) you better keep your nose in Peter's stuff... I wouldn't be too shocked if there was some web plagerism going on. (I've been told before that I shouldn't doubt not only players but journalists having visited my site. That goes doubly for you, ski, cuz your content beats the shit out of mine)

Peter King said...

It's a glandular thing. Get off my back.

Ski said...

thanks john, and kudos to whom ever is responsible for the second comment