Terrell Owens now a Cowboy...

No word on if he will star in Brokeback Mountain 2: Back to Valley Ranch. (I apologize for the T.O. is gay joke, but I had to get it out of my system...you understand.)

One of the worst kept secrets over the last week is now official, and Terrell Owens is headed to Dallas where he will get to play against Philly twice a season. This is not a good move for Dallas, this is a GREAT move for Dallas.

T.O. is still one of the top five receivers in the NFL, and can dominate a game when he feels like it. And Dallas is getting him at a bargain. It appears that T.O. signed essentially three one year deals (for roughly $5 million a year), which allow the Cowboys to cut T.O. any year with a relatively small cap hit.

Additionally, Bill Parcells is no stranger to ego-driven personalities having coached Lawrence Taylor and Keyshawn Johnson. If any coach can get the max amount of effort out of T.O. the Big Tuna can.

All that being said, Dallas immediately replaces Philly as the NFL's favorite soap opera. I'm sure sports writers will follow Dallas's Big 3 personalities (Jerry Jones, Parcells and T.O.) like a fat kid follows an ice cream truck.

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