Walker to remain a Buc

Anyone else notice the Bucs are waiting until Friday evenings to make major roster moves? The last couple of Saturdays I've woken up, only to be the last person to find out about the latest big signing. But not today suckas. Today I'm on top of my shit.

Anyway, if I can get back on topic here, the Bucs resigned Kenyatta Walker, which despite Kenyatta's disappointing and dreadful play is a good move. The Bucs need more depth at offensive tackle even if Kenyatta can not block a crash test dummy. Although, it would still be a good idea if the Bucs draft a tackle to compete with Kenyatta for the starter's spot.

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Big Pauly said...

Personally, I don't get why the Bucs chose to re-sign Walker. I think he's a roadblock from this team getting back into serious Super Bowl contention. But I agree: boost the offensive line, and it wouldn't hurt to get another wideout to help out Joey Galloway.