Just a damn fine tournament

Much love to Mason and Florida for their wins today. That makes one team from the Colonial Athletic Association and ZERO teams from the ACC, Big East and Big Ten (+1) in the Final Four. A strong argument is getting stronger that Hofstra should have been invited to the tournamnet. Hofstra had a nearly identical resume to Mason, but Hofstra beat Mason TWICE in the last two weeks of the season.

Very good first two rounds.

Very, very good Sweet Sixteen.

Great Elite Eight.

I don't think there's anyway the Final Four could live up to the excitement of the previous two weekends.


Big Pauly said...

George Mason's tournament run is the feel good sports story of 2006 so far. Even when Connecticut tied the game with an wicked lay-up at the horn, GMU still refused to lose.

Personally, as much as I wouldn't mind seeing the Gators go all the way, I'm going to pull for GMU to go all the way.

Ski said...

agree with ya 100%, tough to imagine a better sports story this year than Mason (especially since Lance Armstrong is retired). That was a great game yesterday, I loved how jai lewis would catch the ball at the three point line and back his man up underneath the basket, lewis could be a great offensive guard in football.

And I have much the same predicament when it comes to who to root for. I grew up a Gators fan but I live in Mason's backyard now.