Mike takes pay cut

Do you think it's any coincidence that after Derrick Brooks announced he was taking a paycut, Shelton Quarles did the same thing? That's the value a guy like Brooks brings to your team which the Randy Mosses (who claims to be a team leader) of the world will never have. Humility is a virtue to Brooks, and that attitude permeates to the rest of his Bucs team mates.

Anyway, thanks to Quarles (the middle linebacker or Mike) the Bucs have some extra money to spend in free agency. Scheduled to make $3.1 M in '06 and $3.75 M in '07, Quarles has restructured his contract to make $1.3 M each of the next two years.

Now here's hoping the Bucs actually spend that money on some additional players.


Scott said...

What players are you hoping they spend it on? They have 21 of their 22 starters locked up for 2006. Charles Woodson to replace Dexter Jackson? Maybe, but I'm pretty good with the way things are now. Tuck away some cap to sign rookies and leave the rest to be in that much of a better position in 2007.

Ski said...

yep, I'm not of the belief that Allen needs to land a big name free agent to count this as a successful offseason, but if they can get him for the right price Woodson would be a great pickup. Woodson provides some much needed depth at safety and gives you a fourth corner for dime packages.

plus, if the popcorn vendor forgets to show up on Sunday the Bucs can always turn to Woodson to fill in