It's a good thing the Rays got rid of Winn..

Corporate Tool Randy Winn


Roman Chepa said...

Good day.

I am Content Manager in Newsland Inc., international company providing news on PDAs and smartphones.

We are interested in using your site's content in our users’ devices. It gives your site instant international attendance by our constantly growing audience. It is free to our subscribers and to you.

Could you let me know an appropriate person's contact information so that I could discuss the points of our possible cooperation in the future.

Thank you and have a nice day!

John F. said...

Is that a serious comment or a spam? Or is it a ploy to see if they can get Ski to sell out too?

Christ, first McCartney and the Rolling Stones become sell outs, then Randy Winn's cheeks... what's next? Ron Jeremy selling ad space on his member?