Yet no mention of the atrocious Saturday night crew

52 Reasons why Disney/ESPN sucks.

By the good folks at EDSBS (a fine Gators blog), 52 reasons to hate the Mouse's sportstainment empire. Some of the highlights:

15. Bob Ley’s banishment. Outside the Lines, one of the best shows on ESPN, is relegated to the status of “Sunday Morning Boring Old Man News Thing.” How Ley stays at the network when he could be at HBO’s Real Sports is a testament to his loyalty–or his laziness, perhaps.

17. I…love…highlights without shtick…songs that don’t suck dick…and twins!!!

49. The disappearance of Chris Mortensen. He’s your NFL insider, and you put him–literally–behind the set. Because he’s working back there during the show! It Sportstainmenttastic!

Very good list, although not a single mention of the worst feature of watching football on ESPN: Mike Patrick, Joe Theismann, and Paul Maguire. I'm pretty sure you could have caffeinated pre-teen girls broadcast Sunday games and get higher ratings than the ones these jackoffs get.

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NFL Adam said...

Thanks for the link. That was pretty good. Could inspire some more. Sports Dork probably would have been the tops on our list.