2nd Quarter Notes

Portis's ability make quick cuts is killing a speedy Bucs defense that far too often over pursues. On the bright side, Portis is a huge dork who took his mom to his high school prom.

Simeon Rice coming up big after forgeting about day light savings time two weeks ago.

Rare drop by Galloway on third down. Perfect throw by Simms, hits Galloway in the numbers and then bounces off his chest. Ouch.

Random stoy from earlier this week about a Star Wars geek. I'm at the gas station and the guy at the pump across from me asks me where this Mexican restaraunt is. I give him directions and at the end mention that is is close to the Best Buy. When I tell him this his face lights up like a kid at Christmas and he says, "Awesome, Best Buy is having a release party today for the new Star Wars dvd."

Of course, who am I to poke fun? I left work to buy Madden the first day it came out.

Alsott continues to make his case for the title of Most Overrated Fantasy Player. 6 carries, 17 yards, 2 touchdowns. The previous owner of this title was Jerome Bettis.

I hate you Ladell Bett. You now have more kick return touchdowns than the entire Bucs franchise.

Is Big Nasty right next to the Redskins/pig nose fan? Most awkward sitting sitution, ever.

Good job so far by the o-line. I think they were to blame for Simms ealry struggle, but if the line does it job Simms can win games for this team.

Just caught Alstott in Ugly Orange unis. We're getting closer to seeing the throwbacks at a game. I give it another two seasons before the Bucs break out the old school jerseys.

Galloway makes up for his earlier drop on third down.

In good news a fellow Pole, Kozlowski, is making big plays. In bad news he plays for the 'Skins.

Sasha Cohen is a hottie. I would rank her before Mia Hamm but behind Maria Sharapova.

Red flag for the Bucs. They are still are having trouble running the ball. Skins are getting into the running lanes and pushing the Bucs' players off the ball. This could spell trouble for the Bucs later in the game.


Scott said...

You really come up with some good looking chicks for this site. I suggest you post one per day. Two on gamedays.

Ski said...

as silent bob once said, "there are a lot of good looking women in this world, but they don't all bring you lasagna for lunch."

ill see if i can find some of those good looking women