1st Quarter Notes

Sean Taylor is out of today's game. Must be busy looking for the real shooter.

Let's see it's third down and long, time for Simms to throw short to his check down receiver. Done. 'Skins ball.

Another big run by Portis against the Bucs. Portis is having a subpar year, 4 tds with three coming against the 49ers. Still, he's the one guy on the offensive side of the ball for the skins that scares me.

I like Mike Alstott but don't tell try and tell me how blue collar the guy is. He gets paid millions to play a game. Blue collar guys work in construction or coal mines, they don't have big screen t.v.s in their locker rooms.

Bucs catch a lucky break, Galloway was out of bounds but because he was called out on a push (which he wasn't) the zebras can't review the play.

The day gets a little sweeter. Green Bay 14 - Atlanta 0.

Chris Simms calls timeout, undoubtedly because he does not understand the play called. No wait, the dirt is too tough for Simms. Damn, that's some strong dirt.

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