When did the NFL become the BCS?

The Colts only needed one play to beat the Steelers last night. Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison for 80 yards and you could already hear the fat lady singing. I don't know if the Colts can beat the Broncos in the playoffs, but Indy will finish with the best record.

But they will not finish undefeated, nor should they try to.

Sports writers, such as Peter King, who even suggest that Tony Dungy should play Peyton and company in meaningless games are idiots. What happens if the Colts lost Edge for the playoffs because he played into the fourth quarter of the last game of the season? The same writers who called for Dungy to go for the undefeated record would be all over Dungy for playing his starters when they did not need to be played.

The goal of every NFL team is to win the Super Bowl, and unlike the ill-fated BCS, a NFL team does not need to go undefeated to play in the championship game. So why should a team try for a perfect record other than to provide sports writing hacks another story to write about?

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