3rd Quarter Notes

My apologies. I mentioned Maria Sharapova and did not post a picture of the Russian hottie. Consider the mistake remedied.

Torrie Cox continues to make a strong case for why he should be cut as soon as possible. Fumbles the ball on the kickoff before recovering his own fumble.

Cadillac fumbles, Redskins score eight points and tie the game. I'm now waiting for the announcers to mention how exciting the game just got.

Edell Shepard just dropped the kickoff return, maybe there's something with the lights or the ball affecting the Bucs returners. Or maybe they just have crappy return guys. Prob the latter.

Good job by the Skins o-line. Bucs need to blitz 6 men just to get any kind of a pass rush.

I'm really starting to despise Betts.

BIG TIME PLAYERS MAKE BIG TIME PLAYS !!!!!! (Edell Shepherd just made a nice catch)

Anybody just see Hilliard get rejected by the goal posts? Hilliard tried to dunk over the goal posts and then half way up realized he didn't have enough air so he tosses the ball over the cross bars. That won't make the highlight reels.

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