Oh no you didn't

In a story likely to gain steam, Steve Young (aka Mr. Get Rich or Die Tryin') laid the smack down on Chris Simms.

"His dad was one of the greatest at being tough and handling all the criticisms . . . I worry that he grew up in a much different atmosphere, a laissez-faire kind of atmosphere. And I'm worried he really doesn't have the mental toughness to deal with the information overload that comes with the NFL."

Young, who grew up on the mean streets of Salt Lake City, Utah himself has every right to say something like this about Chris Simms. But Young's comments did not go down well with Papa Simms:

"I don't know how Steve Young lives his life, but I don't live mine that way. And I didn't raise my kids that way. You can say whatever you want about my son; the one thing that will get me mad, and I'll stand in your face about it, is about toughness. Who in the hell can be tougher than him, physically or what he endures?"

Chris Simms followed his father's statement up with, "keep talking pretty boy and you'll feel my gangsta."


Greg said...

I'd pay at least $50 to watch Steve Young battle Phil Simms on PPV. Weapons, rappers, strippers ... everything up for grabs.

Scott said...

I swear to Jeebus I didn't read this before I posted my own "smack down" article.

And don't go dismissin' Salt Lake City as a town full of candy-asses. They have an underground caffiene mafia out there that's as tough as any Detroit crack ring. I even heard of a group of Utah uber-nerds that figured out how to pirate the Spice channel. They haven't been seen in months.

Ski said...

Just to correct myself, upon further research (i.e. someone pointed out my mistake) Young grew up in Connecticut, even though he was born in Salt Lake City and went to BYU.

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