The Hair vs the Old Man: Week 10

Y'all know the deal.

Mel refuses to pick games against the spread.

Tony calls Mel a little girl.

Mel continues to only pick winners.

This week was no different. On Monday (when Mel was not listening) Tony called Mel a girly-man. Then today (while Mel was on his show) Tony demanded that Mel put some pants on and pick against the spread. No luck.

Washington (-1) at Tampa Bay: Mel thinks it's only a matter of time before Rattay takes the reins from this team. Until Gruden makes that move the Bucs will be lucky to make it to .500 so Mel picks the Skins to win.

Kansas City (+2.5) at Buffalo: Buffalo is desperate right now. Mel believes that if the Bills don't win this game their season is over. Mel goes with the desperate teams so he picks the Bills to win.

New England (-3) at Miami: Mel picks the Pats to win.

Dallas (+3) at Philly: Eagles are the more desperate team so Mel picks them to win.

Denver (-3) at Oakland: Mel picks the Broncos because the Raiders defense is so bad.

Arizona (+3.5) at Detroit: Detroit must win this game to stay alive in the hunt for the division title so Mel picks the Lions to beat a lousy Cardinals team.

St. Louis (+6.5) at Seattle: Mel likes Seattle this year. The Seahawks seem to have chemistry on offense for the first time in awhile so Mel picks them to win.

Houston (+17.5) at Indy: This is a slow ball over the middle of the plate for Mel. The main reason Tony brought it up was because it was the biggest line he's seen in a long time. Even though it's a trap game for Indy you have to go with the best team to beat the worst team in the league. No surprise, Mel picks the Texans.

(Just checkin' to see if you're still paying attention there, Mel picks the Colts)


Sponge said...


I said...

Recently I've transferred to a job where I can no longer listen to Mr. Tony with regularity. This is very sad for me--but especially on Thursdays, since I've been relying on Mel's picks in my family picks league. But you've made it a little easier.

Dr. Fu Manchu said...

I love the post 'i'. I am in the same position.

Thanks again, Ski. You're the man!

Dr. Fu Manchu said...

Seems to be some confusion on the Bills game...I heard that Mel went:

Kansas City @ Buffalo -2.5
Mel picks Buffalo, but Tony says take Kansas City +2.5....????????????????

Anonymous said...

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